Getting details of a single submission

API definition

The API definition for getting details of a single submission is available at


The URL for getting the details for one submission is:{SUB_NUM}/{DOCNUM}?format={FORMAT}&htmlEnc={HTMLENC}

Getting the details for a submission returns one SubmissionDoc object.

Specifying Values

The values combined here form the unique identifer for a single document component of a submission. Therefore, both values are required.

Note that a single SubmissionDoc object represents a one single document relating to a submission. A submission in the CRO can have multiple documents attached to it. For example, an "Annual Return" submission will often be accompanied by a set of Accounts. This means two documents would be returned if you searched using only the submission number, namely the "B1 Annual Return", and "Account Details".

Value Description
sub_num The submission number
doc_num The document number. This will almost always be a digit 1, 2 or 3. You would need to know the exact document number to pull back valid data. You can find a doc_num by performing a submission search for a specified submission number.
format Optional parameter allowing you to specify JSON as the return format. Include &format=json in the query string to receive JSON data. Alternatively set a Header value Content-type: application/json.
htmlEnc Optional parameter allowing you to specify html codes for certain characters. For example, & would be returned instead of &. Include &htmlEnc=1 in the query string to receive html encoding.


To get the details of one SubmissionDoc, both the submission number and document number are required. For example, to bring back the details for submission number 6191121, document 2, the basic URL will be

You may test this method by visiting the submission test page.

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