Filename Description
Terms and Conditions Document Terms and Conditions document. After signing up, you need to print and sign this document, and Email to CRO. This is a zip file that contains "CROWS.dll" - a .Net 4 Library which is ready to use in your .Net applications.

The source code for both the Company and SubmissionDoc classes is also included. Also you will find the code for the ServiceStatus and the CompanyUpdated classes. The former maybe of use if you wish to check on the status of the services from your application. The latter would be required if you wish to use the service that checks if a company has been updaed on the register since the the last bulk update was made available (this is only available to CRO Bulk Data Customers). This is a simple Asp.Net project written in C#. You will need either Visual Studio 2010, or Web Developer Express 2010 to run this project.
Java test app This is a simple Java app to test each service call. Import the contents of the zip into an Eclipse project. You will need to change the Base64 Encoded credentials for the search calls to work.

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