CRO Open Services

"CRO Open Services" is a RESTful API. It offers the public a means of integrating Company and Submission data into their applications using simple REST calls.

How it works

Your application, which may be written in Java, C#, Php, Python or any other programming language, will execute simple GET requests to a RESTful API. Your application will then handle the returned data in whatever way you wish. Typical examples would be listing company search results, retrieving the details of a company, or listing all of the documents filed with the CRO for a specified company.

The information supplied by Open Services is the same as the free information currently available on the CRO Company Search website.


The company and submsision search service is free of charge.

There is an additional pay-per-call feature which allows Customer Account holders to retrieve submission documents or company print outs as byte streams. For more information, see the section on the API for Account Holders.


For the free services, programming support to individuals is not available from the CRO, but queries in relation to incorrect data and faults with the service will be dealt with. A basic level of competence in at least one programming language is required. A number of code examples are available.

However, support will be provided to Customer Account holders wishing to use the document streaming service.

Gaining access

Please see the getting started page and read the steps required to start using the service. You will need to sign up, and complete and sign a copy of the Terms and Conditions. The signed copy of the Terms and Conditions can be scanned and Emailed to CRO. When the CRO receives this, you will be granted full access.

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