API for CRO Account Holders


Customer Account holders who are also registered for using Open Services can integrate the streaming of documents from the CRO into their applications. Two types of documents can be streamed, submission documents and company printouts. These are useful in situations where you might wish to display the document for a submission or a company printout directly to a user. The alternative is to purchase the image through the CRO Company Search Site. This offering through the API enables developers and application users to dramatically cut the lead time in purchasing an image or a printout.

Also available in this offering is a facilty for checking whether a company has had its details updated since the last bulk upload for bulk customers was generated. A value of true or false is given depending on whether the company's details has changed.

Finally, there is a facilty for checking the Account Balance through these services. This will be a necessary step in your application, as documents cannot be streamed into your application unless there is a positive account balance.

Cost of Service

A charge is made for each document that is succesfully streamed to a client. The price is €2.50 for submission documents and €3.50 for company printouts. These are same as purchasing the equivalents through the Company Search site.

Signing up for the Service

To use this service:

  1. Create a CORE Customer Account. This will allow you to top up with credit to use for ordering documents through the API. If you already have a CORE Customer Account, you can skip this step.
  2. Email [email protected] with your details and a completed and signed copy of the Open Services Terms and Conditions. Include your CORE Customer Account login name and email address in the email to IT Cro, and specify in the email that you want to start using the API for Document Streaming.
  3. You will then be provided with an API Key which will be activated in line with the Terms and Conditions. The API Key will be linked to your CORE Customer Account and the details to use in your code will be provided to you.

Once we link your CORE Customer Account to your API Key, you are technically ready to start making calls to the Customer and Document API.

However to start purchasing images and printouts through the API, you will need to Deposit Funds on your Account through the Core Site.

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