Submission count

API definition

The API definition for submission count is available at


The URL for getting the submission count is:{SUBNUM}&companyNum={COMPANYNUM}&companyBusInd={COMPANYBUSIND}

Query string values

The following values will only be applicable for using submission count:


Please see the submission search help page for explanations of the above parameters.


The purpose of this method is to allow you to retrieve the number of matches that would occur if you supplied the same parameters to the submission search method. This method is most useful when you with to paginate your search results. Therefore you should call the count method before submission search.

Examples of calls to implement paging

Let's say you want to paginate results for the following example:

You would like to list all submissions for a Company, with company number 54512.

Calling the submission count service is done as follows:

Suppose the above call returned a value of 32.

If we wish to list 10 rows on each page, we would have 3 pages of 10 rows, and 1 page where there would be 2 rows. Consequently, the first call to submission search will be:

The link to go to the second page of the results will be acheived by setting "skip" to 10:

To go to the 4th page, we would set skip to 30 (i.e. skip 3 pages x 10 rows):

Technically, you could leave out the &max=10 parameter in the above call to show the 4th page of results. However, for consistency in our example, we have included it.

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