Getting details of a single company or business name

API definition

The API definition for getting company details is available at


The URL for getting the details for one company or business name is:{COMPANY_NUM}/{COMPANY_BUS_IND}?format={FORMAT}&htmlEnc={HTMLENC}

Getting the details of a company or business name returns one Company object.

Specifying Values

The values combined here form the unique identifer for a company or business name. Therefore, both values are required.

Value Description
company_num The Company or Business name number
company_bus_ind The company/business name indicator. Set to C for a company, or B for a business name
format Optional parameter allowing you to specify JSON as the return format. Include &format=json in the query string to receive JSON data. Alternatively set a Header value Content-type: application/json
htmlEnc Optional parameter allowing you to specify html codes for certain characters. For example, & would be returned instead of &. Include &htmlEnc=1 in the query string to receive html encoding.


To get the details of one company, both the company number and the company/bus indicator are required. For example, to bring back the details for a business name, number 412545, this is the URL:

You may test this method by visiting the company details test page.


Around mid-August 2015 (date to be confirmed), any eircodes being recorded by the CRO against companies on the register will be made available through the and A new eircode field will be added to the Company object returned by these queries. To allow users to prepare for this change, a new Company test object is available to download via the test api's (multiple company search) and (single company search). The company test object is the same as the company object except it also includes an eircode field.

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