Company Updated

API definition

The API definition for retrieving whether or not a company has been updated since the last bulk update


The URL for getting whether or not a company details have been updated since the last bulk update is:{company_num}&format={format}

The verb used to call this URL must be Http GET. The value returned is a. integer code. A value of -1 will be returned if an update has occurred. Otherwise a 0 will be returned.


Value Description
COMPANY_NUM The Company number.
FORMAT Optional parameter allowing you to specify JSON as the return format. Include &format=json in the query string to receive JSON data. Alternatively set a Header value Content-type: application/json

Response Status Codes

If 200 OK is not returned, the returned Status message will contain details of the error message.

Please note this service is only available to bulk customers.

Example: Retrieving weather a Company has been updated or not

The following is the sequence of steps to check if a company has been updated:

1. Checking if a company has been updated

Assuming we were to find out if company number 4567 has been update, we need to execute an Http GET with the following URL:

The call will return an integer of -1 if the company has been updated or 0 if it has not.

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