Company Types

This is an up to date list of all possible Company Types. Both the company_type_code and the company_type_desc are returned in the Company object.

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2Private unlimited
3Private limited by guarantee
5Guarantee licence
6European economic interest grouping
8Guarantee licence company w/o sh/capital (public)
9Public unlimited
10Public guarantee company
11Old public limited company
12Guarantee company without a share capital (public)
13Public limited company
14Public limited company (closed ended)
15Public limited company with variable capital
16Private, limited by shares, licence to omit ltd
17Private company with variable capital
18Private guarantee with share capital
19Private limited by shares
20Private company with variable capital
21Private unlimited with share capital
22Private unlimited without share capital
23Public unlimited company with a share capital
24Public unlimited company without share capital
25Single member company ltd by g/tee with sh/cap
26Single member private company limited by shares
28External company
29Part X11 Pub/Priv Investment Comp.
30Business name - Individual
31Business name - Partnership
32Business name - Body Corporate
33Business name - Other Corp
39Foreign Body Corporate making a local offer (B18a)
40Limited Partnership
41Private guarantee with shares,licence to omit ltd
42Societas Europaea - New Incorporation
43Societas Europaea - Transfer into State
44Societas Europaea - Formation of Subsidiary
45Inward Migrating Company
46Societas Europaea - PLC conversion
47PLC - Societas Europaea conversion
48CLG - Company Limited by Guarantee
49CLG - Company Limited by Guarantee (licenced company)
50DAC - Designated Activity Company (limited by shares)
51DAC - Designated Activity Company Limited by Shares (licenced company)
52DAC - Designated Activity Company (limited by guarantee)
53LTD - Private Company Limited by Shares
54PLC - Public Limited Company
55PUC - Public Unlimited Company
56PULC - Public Unlimited Company without share capital
57ULC - Private Unlimited Company
58IC - Investment company - Part 24 Companies Act 2014
59UCIT - Undertaking for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities
60DAC - Designated Activity Company (guarantee licence company)
61PUC - Public Unlimited Company (licenced company)
62PULC - Public Unlimited Company without share capital (licenced company)
63ULC - Private Unlimited Company (licenced company)

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